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Date: 25-Mar-09

Lemons come in their own natural packaging © Amy Nancarrow

Lemons come in their own natural packaging

The National DUMP Awards (Damaging and Useless Materials in Packaging)  looks at the silly side of packaging - the packaging that does the environment no favours. Many past winners of the DUMP Awards have later changed their packaging to more eco-friendly options.

The Golden DUMP this year goes to ... a major supermarket selling lemons on a polystyrene tray enclosed in flexible wrap.  Lemons come in their own natural and durable packaging so why bother wrapping them in two non-recyclable materials?

The Golden KEEP (Kerbing the Environmental Effect of Packaging) Award for improvement goes to ... Jarrah instant coffee. Its original packaging was made up of different materials and therefore totally non-recyclable. Changing over to a fully recyclable plastic jar gives the pack a lighter ecological footprint.

To reduce the eco-impact of the packaging:
  • Go for less packaging, and packaging made of single materials.
  • Pick loose fruit and veg, or take light, re-usable gauze bags with you, such as Onya weigh bags.
  • Choose packaging that's easy to recycle in your area.
  • Select packaging made of recycled materials.
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