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Green Resolution - May

Date: 23-May-11

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The Issue

Most of us have at one time or another thrown away uneaten leftovers, spoiled fruit and vegetables or food products that have passed their best-before date. In fact every year Australians throw away an estimated three million tonnes or $5.2 billion of food!

But wasted food is not only a waste of money - it also wastes the resources used to produce and store food and when food scraps are sent to landfill, they decompose without oxygen (anaerobically) to produce methane, a greenhouse gas with over 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide.

A Solution

It’s easy – start composting! Having your own compost bin, compost heap, worm farm or Bokashi bucket is a cheap, rewarding way to recycle your food scraps and garden cuttings. Plus the resulting compost is an excellent soil conditioner that improves soil fertility and encourages plant growth, so it will have your garden looking gorgeous and green in no time. If you live in an apartment or have little outdoor space a Bokashi bucket or worm farm are great, as they taken up little space and have no odour if kept in good condition. If you need more help getting started then check out this short video tutorial presented by Planet Ark ambassador Costa Georgiadis, which tells you everything you need to know about composts and worm farms for the home.

If your workplace produces food waste, visit the Business Recycling website for ways to recycle that back into useful products.

Your Resolution

I resolve to reduce my footprint by composting my food scraps and leftovers.

I’m already doing this – Excellent! Please share this with others so they can also make a change.

Want to let others know about your commitment and encourage them to do the same – then share this green resolution by pressing the facebook icon below. Together we can all make a difference.

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