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Green Resolution - April

Date: 12-Apr-11

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The Issue

We all love a cup of tea or coffee to start the day, and perhaps one with lunch and another to round out the afternoon! But do you ever stop to think about where those lovely roasted beans or delicate tea leaves come from?

The majority of tea and coffee is produced in developing areas of the world, such as parts of Africa and Central and South America. Unfortunately many of the families who work the land are subject to poor working conditions and are often underpaid for their crops. But to secure what little money they can, land is cleared to make way for these cash crops, destroying rainforest and other precious habitats.

A Solution

It’s easy - buy Certified Sustainable! There are a range of certifications available for tea and coffee that will ensure your daily cuppa is produced in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainably way. Whether you choose Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic, committing to buying products that meet one or all of these certifications, can help make a difference to the families who produce tea and coffee and to the land that they produce it on.

Planet Ark has recently committed to being a Fairtrade Workplace, stocking only Fairtrade, Organic tea, coffee and hot chocolate in our offices. Many cafes, restaurants and supermarkets also stock these products, so it’s easy to switch and make a difference.

Your Resolution:

I resolve to purchase certified sustainable tea and coffee and encourage others to do so.

I’m already doing this – Excellent!  Please share this with others so they can also make a change.

Want to let others know about your commitment and encourage them to do the same – then share this green resolution by pressing the facebook icon below. Together we can all make a difference.

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