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Are You A Good Egg?

Date: 12-Apr-11


Chocolate Eggs

Before you make your last minute dash to the supermarket to buy gift eggs this Easter, take some time to think about where the chocolate you’re buying came from. By choosing chocolate that carries the fairtrade or similar certified label, you’re helping create a better and brighter future for cocoa farmers, their families and communities. These farmers receive a fair price as well as additional funds to help develop their communities and invest in everyday things like education and healthcare.

You can visit The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) to discover brands and stockists of fairtrade chocolate. Also, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate has recently received fairtrade certification so there is no need to look further than your local supermarket to show your support of the movement. They have even recently launched a Fairtrade Certified Easter Egg!

More and more, products are becoming available with both fairtrade and organic certification. All organically certified cocoa is grown without pesticides and other chemical treatments. Look for brands that have both and you can feel confident your chocolate gets an all-round ethical thumbs up.

Free-Range Eggs

When it comes to the real thing weighing up your options is just as important. Caged eggs are produced by battery farm hens that are often subjected to poor, cramped living conditions and are unable to engage in natural behaviours. Most supermarkets now provide an alternative by stocking free-range eggs. These eggs are produced using birds that roam freely within a farmyard.

While free-range eggs are obviously a better choice than buying caged eggs, there are still questions being asked about the credibility of their claims and the brands you find in the big supermarkets may not be meeting your expectations. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and do some research before you make your choice.

Look for the accreditation label from Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia or RSPCA approval before you buy.

Organic Eggs

Organic eggs go one step further ensuring that the hens are not only classified free-range but are also fed organic grains and are free from steroids and antibiotics. To be certified organic, the feed must also be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and fertilisation.

Look for the Australian Certified Organic logo from Biological Farmers of Australia when purchasing organic eggs.

You could also consider steering clear of commercially farmed eggs altogether. Why not look for a local farm in your area that sells eggs. Even some suburban households have small backyard hen houses that produce plentiful amounts of eggs.

More Info

See Choice’s review on free-range and organic eggs here.

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