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Dyson 'Eco-Trade' Campaign

Date: 04-Mar-11

Dyson promo © Emma Franklin

Dyson is taking responsibility for the cost of recycling your old vacuum cleaner, no matter what brand or type. All you have to do is take your old vacuum cleaner to any The Good Guys store. In return you will receive a voucher for a 15% discount off the purchase of a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

This one-month ‘eco-trade campaign’ will highlight the need for companies to take responsibility for their own products at end of life, as well as to help customers make more sustainable product choices.

Electrical appliances and landfill

Each year in Australia millions of electrical appliances, including an estimated 1.2 million vacuum cleaners, make their way to landfill.  Unlike many international markets including the UK and Europe, companies in Australia are not legally required to take back products from customers once those products reach their end of life. A few companies like Dyson have established voluntary take-back schemes.

The Dyson voluntary take-back scheme

Dyson already has a voluntary take-back scheme where they take responsibility for their own products that have reached the end of life. Dyson machines can be returned to Dyson, at no cost to the customer, where they are disassembled and the components recycled.  This is available for Dyson products all year round.

More Info

For more information on Dyson’s and The Good Guys’ eco-trade campaign, watch this short videoclip or click here.

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