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Green Resolution - March

Date: 04-Mar-11

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The Issue

We’re great at recycling in Australia but what we’re not so great at, is buying recycled products. According to consumer association Choice, only five percent of the toilet paper we use in Australia is made from recycled paper. This means a staggering 95 percent of us are buying non-recycled toilet paper. Unfortunately your standard supermarket toilet paper is often unnecessarily bleached, printed, quilted and perfumed. This means we are literally flushing precious resources down the drain everyday.

A Solution

The answer is simple – buy recycled. A recent NSW government study found that for every tonne of toilet paper that is made from recycled content, 400 kg of greenhouse gas emissions are saved. Considering the average Australian household uses 94 rolls of toilet paper every year, if your household or workplace switched to recycled toilet paper this would mean big energy and resource savings.  Safe toilet tissue is available from most leading supermarkets, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, is non-bleached and it is the only toilet tissue endorsed by Planet Ark.

Your Resolution:

I resolve to only purchase recycled toilet paper. It won’t be bright white but it’s still soft and strong and doesn’t cost the earth.

Already doing this? Excellent! Please share this with others so they can also make a change.

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More Info

To join others committed to this resolution check out Wipe It Out! - they’re on a mission to wipe out the use of non-recycled toilet paper in Australia by 2014.

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