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Green Resolution - January

Date: 28-Jan-11

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The Issue

Palm oil is used in a variety of everyday products such as food, soap, cosmetics and detergents. Unfortunately increasing global demand for this versatile vegetable oil is causing the rapid destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are home to the endangered Bornean and critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan.

A Solution

You can help put a stop to this deforestation by choosing products that are Palm Oil Free. Aware laundry powder is the first palm oil free detergent available in major supermarkets and until the 31st March 2011 for every product sold an additional 10c will go to Planet Ark to assist projects helping to protect orangutans. For more info see the Palm Oil Free campaign website.

Your resolution: I resolve to read labels and purchase products that are Palm Oil Free.

Already doing this? Great! Then why not commit to share this resolution with your friends and family using the share functions below. Every little bit helps.

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