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Want to be an energy and climate change leader in your local community?

Date: 28-Jan-11


CSIRO and the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW are looking for 500 volunteers to lead small group discussions on energy, climate change, water and waste in their communities.

You don't need to know a lot about energy and climate change to participate - simply gather a small group of people (family, friends, neighbours or workmates) for discussions using support and discussion material provided by CSIRO and NSW Government.

How does it work?

Energymark works by volunteer convenors getting small groups of people together to meet regularly to learn and discuss what they can do to make a difference. The discussions are an opportunity for people to learn more about energy and climate change issues, and what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment and save energy.

Convenors and participants receive easy-to-read fact sheets that the discussions are based on. There is a lot of talking, activities and sharing ideas to help at home! Anyone can get involved!

What does Energymark teach CSIRO?

Energymark teaches CSIRO about the opinions, behaviours and challenges people face when trying to make changes to their carbon footprint and energy consumption around the home, workplace and community.

This information assists governments, industry and technology developers make informed decisions around energy policies and technologies for the future.

More Info

The NSW Energymark program is a CSIRO initiative in partnership with the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW.

To register or for more information visit the Energymark website or call 1300 119 003

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