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Carbon Reduction Label Products Hit the Shelves!

Date: 05-Nov-10

CRL Label Commitment image © Amy Nancarrow

Two products are soon to be available in Australia with the Carbon Reduction Label, closely following ALDI’s everyday olive oil range.

Mobius Marlborough Sauvgnion Blanc is the first wine in the world to carry the label, making the commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Check out what the Guardian UK has to say about it. Here in Australia, we’ll have the chance to try Mobius wine before it is available in the UK!

The Carbon Reduction Label will also appear on 21st century technology with the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers being the next product to earn the Label.

The Carbon Reduction Label helps us easily identify products that are actively working to reduce their carbon emissions. By choosing products that carry the label, you can support companies that are working towards a more sustainable future.

To find out more about the Label, and how it helps reduce emissions, visit

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