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Fling Ya Files on Friday!

Date: 05-Nov-10

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Taking part in the Friday File Fling is as easy as setting some time aside on Friday 12th November (or any day of National Recycling Week) and going through your files, desk, filing cabinet and folders, and re-using or recycling the good quality paper that you're not likely to read again.

Whether you work in a home office, factory or school; with a small business or large organisation; or at home, you can be a part of the national Fling. Register your Friday File Fling here.

For everything you need to know carry out your Friday File Fling including a Step-By-Step Guide, click here.  We'll send you information on how to assess its environmental benefits in terms of energy and water savings.

Just make sure you Fling your Files in accordance with mandatory retention and confidentiality guidelines (see for more information).

Once you’ve got your paper recycling in hand make sure you’re recycling your printer cartridges.  If your workplace uses more than three cartridges a month you may be eligible to receive a free ‘Cartridges 4 Planet ark’ collection box.  If you don’t use that many you can drop your used cartridges off at participating retail collection points. Visit for all the info you need.

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