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What's the Journey of Jeans?

Date: 04-Nov-10

Crop to Swap Vertical Banner © Zhi Yan

This National Recycling Week, the Big Aussie Swap is back!  Once again, we’re encouraging you and your friends to get rid of your unwanted items and swap them for things that you do want – all for free.

It’s common sense that re-using items is more environmentally friendly than ditching them. After all, every item that we own has been made using inputs of material resources, energy, water, transport and labour.

The Inside Story

We know that our Aware readers like to know the facts behind the issues.  We thought that you’d like more info about the intrinsic value of our stuff.  So we took a common item – a pair of jeans – and traced its journey from crop to swap.

Melissa Doyle, from Sunrise, came along with us on the journey.  Listen to her on our Crop to Swap video.  Then read a more detailed account of the Crop to Swap journey with our Companion Guide (link to Guide on website).   Find out about cotton production, textile manufacturing and how to minimise the impact of washing and drying your jeans.  You'll be staggered by how many pairs of jeans were imported into Australia last year!

You won’t look at your jeans the same way after you’ve seen From Crop to Swap.

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