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Swapping's the New Shopping

Date: 29-Sep-10

Swap Party Guide © Planet Ark

Who doesn't love the idea of getting something for nothing and saving the planet? At a Swap Party, you bring along your unwanted items, exchange each for a token and browse what others have brought. Then, when the Swap is officially opened, you exchange your token for new items you'd like and take them home to enjoy! 

There are lots of ways to get swapping this National Recycling Week, 8th - 14th November.

Host Your Own Swap with Your Friends, Group or Work

Why not get a group of mates together or your club or workplace and host a Big Aussie Swap party? You can download our step-by-step Community Swap Guide and other resources, including event signage, promotional material and swap tokens for all the info you need to host a fun swap.

Attend a Swap Party

There are swaps happening all over Australia during National Recycling Week. Check out for more info and to find a Big Aussie Swap Party near you. Check back for more events as it gets closer to November.

Big Aussie School Swap

A Big Aussie School Swap, timed for the end of the year, is perfect way for kids and parents to exchange books, sports equipment and clothes that have been outgrown. By charging a small entry fee, a Swap can also be used to raise money for the school or for another cause.

Download the Schools Swap guide with all the info that parents, students or teachers need for hosting a Swap Party at school.

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