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From the Garden to the Kitchen

Date: 02-Sep-10

What are Community Gardens?

Community gardens are a great way to live more sustainably whilst getting to know the neighbours, especially for inner-city dwellers. By growing their own fresh produce, local residents are learning about planning, growing and harvesting as well as contributing to a local, usually organic food system. Community gardens aren’t restricted to food gardening however, with many keen gardeners planting natives and other ornamental flowers as part of the communal effort to care for their local green spaces.

What else are they used for?

Community gardens have both a social and ecological value, serving the community as event locations for festivals, workshops or as an education service to local schools. They’ve even acted as sites for buzzing food swaps, with residents bringing in their excess produce to swap with others.

This year for National Tree Day, some schools jumped on the bandwagon and created their own little garden patch, selling the fresh vegies to help fund sustainability initiatives.

Where can I find one?

Community gardens can be found in a variety of places - from local government land, schools, churches and state government housing estates. Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network has listings and contacts for community gardens across Australia, so have a look to see if there’s any you can visit in your area. It’s a growing database, with more and more popping up. Local governments take the lead in developing these community spaces, so check with your council for local information and tips.

Why not start one up in your area? Visit to find out how you can begin growing local produce with your community.

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