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You can be a Climate Scientist

Date: 02-Sep-10

Help combat climate change with Landcare Australia and ClimateWatch.

Landcare Australia is giving every Australian the opportunity to help scientists across the globe study the impact of climate change on our ecosystems by monitoring, collecting and recording data from their own backyards.

Become a ClimateWatcher

Anyone can register to become citizen scientists as part of this free activity which takes place during Landcare Week, which runs from 6th to 13th September.  To take part, you will observe and record what is happening in your own environment such as when frogs are calling, what birds are migrating and what plants are flowering.  Your results will then help scientists understand what seasonal variations are occurring around Australia with our animals and plants.

As a ClimateWatcher, you become part of a community of citizen scientists who are making a positive contribution to their local environment from work, school and home.

To register to be a Landcare ClimateWatcher or for more information about Landcare Week events in your local community, visit

More Info

  • Landcare Week - 6th - 13th September 2010   

Landcare is a non-political, uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to protect and repair Australia’s magnificent, yet stressed, natural resources.

  • Climate Watch

ClimateWatch is a community monitoring program that allows every Australian to be involved in collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change. The information collected through Climate Watch is building an important picture of events that occur in the natural world every year, how these vary and what the implications are.

The result is an online database available to scientists studying the impact of climate on ecosystems. Based on successful overseas examples, ClimateWatch is the first project of its kind in the southern hemisphere and has been developed by Earthwatch Australia together with the Bureau of Meteorology and The University of Melbourne, with seed funding from the Australian Government. For further information visit:

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