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Clapped Out Computers...

Date: 07-Jan-09

Electronic Waste © Planet Ark

The pile of electronic waste in Aussie homes and businesses is growing at three times the rate of other waste and it contains both valuable and dangerous material. Did you know that there is more gold in one tonne of old Mobile phones than in 110 tonnes of gold-bearing ore?

Unfortunately, there isn't a national Extended Producer Responsibility program for electronic goods in Australia so a range of state, council, business and community programs have been developed to take up the slack.  (The only two national producer responsibility programs that do exist are ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' and MobileMuster).

Finding out what electronic waste recycling programs are available in your area is as easy as checking out the web site, or if you prefer, talking to someone by calling the Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712.

If your electronics are still working, then it's better to give them another life before sending them off to be recycled. You can:

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