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Throw a Recycling Tip on the Barbie - 22 January 2014
You know what to do with bottles and cans when it comes to recycling at a barbeque. But there are other items that you might be less sure about so we've picked out three to provide you with best-practice tips. Read on...

True Love is Green - 22 January 2014
Valentines Day is one opportunity to show your romantic side. But as the day has become more commercial it's impact on the planet isn't quite so rosy.Check out our tips for showing nature some love along with your sweetheart.Read more...

A Year For Positive Action - 22 January 2014
Australia has just emerged from the warmest year on record. Fires are burning around the country. And it looks like we are facing a future where events like this become increasingly frequent. In the face of these issues it can be easy to think things are too hard and to become disillusioned. But there are so many simple and effective actions you can take that have a positive impact. Read on...

Collaborative Consumption at Christmas - 11 December 2013
Christmas is a time for hyper-consumption, but it's also a time for sharing and caring. Collaborative consumption makes sense over this period and, with the establishment of sharing, recycling and swapping schemes, it's easier than ever. Find out more...

It's a Wrap! - 11 December 2013
Beautifully wrapped gifts have charm but that doesn't mean you need to buy expensive wrapping paper. With a little bit of time and effort, you can save money and earn compliments with your very own homemade wrap! Check it out...

National Recycling Week is coming! - 17 October 2013
We're counting down the final four weeks before National Recycling Week is upon us! Have you registered your event? There are plenty of ways to get involved at home, work and school. To find out more, read on...

Cast Out Carton Confusion! - 17 October 2013
What do you do with your milk and juice cartons? We bust 3 common myths that cause confusion when it comes to recycling cartons. Check out some helpful information...

The Best of Backyard Memories - 17 October 2013
With 500 heart-warming entries into our backyard memory competition, choosing a winner for the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa nature getaway was no easy task! But we've picked a winner. To read the winning entry and find out more about making every day National Tree Day, read on...

100 reams of 100% recycled for 100 readers - 17 October 2013
We've got 100 reams of 100% Recycled Reflex paper to give away to the first 100 Aware readers that answer a quick two question survey. All you need to do is let us know whether or not you use recycled paper and why. It's as simple as that. Let us know...

Seasonal Sustenance - 17 October 2013
It's springtime, but do you know what's in season? Do you know how to pick a ripe avocado? What about a ready-to-eat mango? Eating seasonal produce supports local farmers and the environment, and it's even better value for money. To help you keep your supper season-centric, we've put together some handy tips for purchasing and serving this Spring. Find out more...

Pedal Powered - 17 September 2013
It's one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport; it's cheap, outdoors and most all, fun! Ride2Work Day will be celebrated across the country on 16 October and the Planet Ark Team are joining in! One of our staff, Claire, is sharing her inspiring tale of her conversion from platform to pedals, so read on to find out more and how you can get involved too...

Revving Up Battery Recycling - 19 August 2013
Australia consumes more than 7.6 million car batteries every. Used lead-acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste containing about 2-3 litres of sulfuric acid, as well as lead so keeping them out landfill is essential. What's the best way to recycle them? Find out now...

More than Tidy - 19 August 2013
What makes a Tidy Town? Litter-free streets? Well-manicured parks? Turns out it's more than that! One of Planet Ark's Recycling Team recently travelled to central NSW as a Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities Assessor. To find out about his adventures, read on...

Old Toys Turned New - 25 June 2013
From the outside, it looks like any industrial warehouse, but what's happening on the inside is more like Santa's workshop. It's next door to the local tip but nothing goes to landfill here! It's the operating headquarters of a recycling group. And it's here that old toys are turned new again. Find out more...

Say Hello to Reusable Bags - 25 June 2013
From 1 November 2013 Tasmanian retailers can no longer supply shoppers with non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags? This is another huge step forward in eliminating wasteful single-use bags in Australia! To find out more and discover how you can do your bit for cutting back, too, read on...

BusinessRecycling = Tangible Benefits! - 25 June 2013
Does your workplace recycle? Ever wondered how those benefits could be shown as "everyday" savings? Well BusinessRecycling has come to the rescue! Read on...

Take Tree Day Home With You - 25 June 2013
This year, you can take National Tree Day home! Whether you've got a traditional quarter-acre block, a court yard or a balcony you can Get Outside and Grow for Tree Day and by registering your activity with us you'll be in with a chance to win a luxurious weekend nature getaway for two (valued at almost $4,000). Find out more...

Mustering 1,000 Tonnes of Mobiles - 27 May 2013
Since it's inception in 1998 MobileMuster has collected and recycled more than 1,000 tonnes of old mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories - keeping them out of landfill. Now you can find out what's become of all that material. Find out more...

Free tickets for Grand Designs Live - 27 May 2013
Planet Ark's Make It Wood campaign is proud to offer you a free double-pass to the upcoming Grand Designs Live event in either Sydney or Melbourne (in October). The passes are valued at $59:00 and the offer is open until midnight 4th June but don't wait as they WILL run out. Find out more...

We've Bin Around the World - 27 May 2013
Here at Planet Ark we're a bit crazy about the environment, and sometimes, to the embarrassment of our friends and family, we're crazy about recycling, too. When we travel we come back with as many photos of recycling systems around the world as we do of the other tourist sights. To find out what we've learned read on...

A Pile of Peels to Orange Power - 12 April 2013
When Andrew Chaney saw a pile of orange peels on a trip to Mildura, he didn't see "waste" - and that's how The Orange Power range of products was born. From humble beginnings, Andrew created a successful greener cleaner business. Find out how he got started and get a little inspiration from his journey...

Plant a Memory - 12 April 2013
The Tree Day Team was recently sent a photo of the 'Legacy Garden of Appreciation' which, in the lead up to ANZAC Day was a powerful reminder of how beautiful a tree or garden planting can be as a way of honoring loved ones or marking milestones. Find out more ...

World Record E-Waste Recycling Attempt - 12 April 2013
Australians are world-leading recyclers - just look at the 21 million printer cartridges recycled by 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. And now, between the 20th and 28th April we can help TechCollect set a world record for the most TVs, computers and printers recycled. Find out how you can help and let your friends and family know. Read more ...

Burning Rubber - 11 April 2013
More than 48 million tyres reach the end of their life in Australia each year, and RecyclingNearYou and companies like Kmart Tyre and Auto Service are helping to ensure that they don't end up in landfill or worse. Find out how you can be part of the solution...

Egg-stra Easy Tips for Easter - 19 March 2013
Want to know how you can help make a sustainable Easter? Here are 10 simple tips for making your Easter more environmentally friendly and fun! Read on...

Nurture Nature This Easter - 19 March 2013
Easter is celebrated as a time for new life and renewal, so this year, why not give your garden the gift of love and life. Could an egg hunt and tree planting be the perfect way to make a home for native animals in your green space? Find out more...

The Responsible Runner - 19 March 2013
Waste warrior and litter loather Justin Bonsey is the heart and mind behind the hugely popular and rapidly growing organisation Responsible Runners - a team of volunteers sweeping Aussie beaches of rubbish and recycling, and disposing of it responsibly. To hear about how it got started, where its headed and how to set up your own group, read on...

Keeping Australia Clean - 21 February 2013
There is a trend sweeping the beaches and parks of Australia at the moment and it's aiming to sweep them clean. Find out more...

Get Outside and Grow! - 21 February 2013
That's the word on the street for this year's National Tree Day! And we're so excited to tell you that that year, we're set to plant the 20 millionth seedling since Tree Day began! A huge milestone but we need your help to do it! Find out more...

Smarter Summer Soirées - 23 January 2013
It makes sense that when we're celebrating the things we love about our country on Australia Day that we'd to want to take care of the place too. So whether you're having a traditional BBQ or visiting the beach you can show Australia you care. Find out more ...

Good Grades for Going Green - 23 January 2013
The holidays are over, and it's already that time of the year - back to school. But it doesn't have to be an environmentally stressful event. We've put together some of our favourite ways to go green this school year - and they may even save you money. Give yourself good grades by going green! Read more...

Better Driving - For You And The Planet - 30 November 2012
Traveling, whether across town or the country, is one of the activities that many Aussies enjoy at Christmas but it can come at a financial and environmental cost. Check out Planet Ark's Better Motoring Guide for practical advice on reducing emissions and waste and even saving money. Find out more...

Festive DIY Arts and Crafts - 30 November 2012
The holiday season just wouldn't be the same without the decorations, ornaments and Christmas tree trimming. But there's certainly no need to buy new each year. Make your Christmas unique with Planet Ark's Arts and Crafts Guide. Find out more...

The 12 Do's of Christmas - 30 November 2012
Christmas is a time of joy and festivities, but it is also the season when households generate extra waste. Aussies are tipped to spend an incredible $10 billion on food this December, but can you guess how much of that we actually ends up in landfill? To find out, and to learn more about Planet Ark's guide for a greener Christmas, read on...

Second Nature - Recycling in Australia - 12 November 2012
If you are like most other Aussies recycling the aluminium cans and milk carton you use at home has become second nature. But how do we do in other areas? What are some items recycled and others not? What's the most recycled material? How good are we at recycling TVs? All these questions, and more, are answered in the Second Nature Report. Find out more...

Be a Recycling Mythbuster - 12 November 2012
By name and by nature, you - as our favourite subscribers - are 'aware' of the natural environment, and the ways you can make a difference to a healthier planet. But we all have those friends, relatives or colleagues who don't quite get it. We've put together a collection of the most common recycling myths, so you're equipped with the best facts to debunk all the untruths and bring the facts forward. Find out more...

Problems With Profuse Packaging? - 12 November 2012
Are you sick of seeing excess packaging on the products you buy? The good news is you can do something about it - lodge a complaint with the APC Packaging Line. Find out more...

We Bet You Can - 23 October 2012
Dubbed "the race that stops the nation", the Melbourne Cup is celebrated in homes workplaces around the country, and this year our bet is on you! We bet you can go green and make the environment the real winner this November. Find out more...

The Challenge is on! - 23 October 2012
Recycling is a great way to teach kids about the environment, maths, science, geography and more. So we're challenging parents and teachers around to the country join the Tetra Pak Schools Recycle Right Challenge as part of National Recycling Week (12-18 November). To find out more and get involved, read on...

Eco-conscious Cleaning - 23 October 2012
The great range of Orange Power products - endorsed by Planet Ark - has just been freshened up, with two new laundry products added to the collection, which is good news for all eco-conscious cleaners out there. Find out more...

Office Flings for the Environment - 23 October 2012
Hold a Friday File Fling in your workplace this National Recycling Week to help the environment, de-clutter the office and engage your colleagues about the benefits of recycling! It's free to register and we help you every step of the way! Find out more...

Eco Rate Your Phone - 26 September 2012
Do you know how green your mobile phone is? How ethical is the company that makes it? Now you can find out, thanks to Vodafone's Eco Rating, Australia's first eco rating for mobile phones. Find out more...

Recycled and Certified - 24 September 2012
As well as being made from recycled paper the new Planet Ark endorsed SafeR range of toilet paper also has FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification. The FSC certification means that the manufacturer and you, the consumer, can rest assured all the fibre and paper has come from sustainable sources. Find out more...

Pass the Can and Educate Kids - 24 September 2012
Do you remember playing pass the parcel? Well get ready to play the 21st Century version - Pass the Can. This new Facebook app is set to raise funds for Planet Ark to develop recycling education lessons for Aussie school kids. Join the fun, crush a can the then pass it on. Every pass generates a $1 donation. Find out more...

Tree Day Leaves A Green Legacy - 21 August 2012
More than 250,000 people at over 3,200 sites have left a green legacy of an estimated 1.2 million native trees and plants. But participating in Planet Ark's National Tree Day is just one of the ways you can leave a green legacy. Find out more...

Three Reuse Ideas To Inspire - 17 August 2012
How can you give an old milk bottle, a toilet roll and bread bag tags a new life? Think outside the box and check out these crafty reuse ideas. Read on...

A Night Under The Stars - 17 August 2012
Do you or someone you know fancy a night sleeping under the stars but not sure where to start? Don't have all the equipment to camp out but do have a curiosity about a cup of billycan tea? World Parks Day is coming up, and to celebrate we want to share some of the great work being done by our friends at Australia's national parks and wildlife services. Find out more...

Tim Webster, Printer Cartridges and Toyota - 25 July 2012
'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' spokesperson, Tree Day participant, Toyota Ambassador and all round nice guy Tim Webster talks to Aware about the environment, getting involved in Tree Day and the Prius.

Tree Day - Coming to a Site Near You! - 25 July 2012
With 446 public sites registered to date, there is bound to be a Tree Day event near you! Search for a site and tell your friends to come along and join in!

Nature - Just What the Doctor Ordered - 25 July 2012
Although parents and teachers know intuitively that contact with nature is good for kids' health they aren't really sure why. New research by Planet Ark and sponsored by Toyota shows contact with nature can help improve academic achievement, build confidence, improve eyesight, reduce the effects of anxiety and ADHD and much more.

Got E-waste? Recycle It! - 25 June 2012
It's easy to recycle your electronic waste, and Australians have been flocking to Planet Ark's recycling websites to find out to do it. For the last few years, finding recycling options for computers and accessories has been our most popular enquiry by far. It's about to get even easier to recycle your old TVs and computers. Find out why...

'Green time' helps learning and wellbeing - 25 June 2012
Did you know that 'green time' can significantly improve children's academic performance and overall wellbeing? If so, you're in the minority - only 7% of Aussie parents prioritise 'green time' to help their kids at school. Find out more...

The Crop To Swap Of Your Cotton Tee - 25 June 2012
Remember Planet Ark's From Crop to Swap - the Journey of Jeans video? It looked at what really goes into growing, manufacturing and transporting your favourite denim item, all the way from a cotton seed and into your local retailer. Fancy finding out about your cotton shirt, from front to back? Read on...

Busy As A Bee, But Are You Outdoors? - 25 June 2012
It's so often heard that we're busy as bees, but is that really the case? It's figure of speech to be fair, but as the weather cools down, it's even easier to get outside, catch some sweet winter sun, and get into nature. We've put together a great list of activity ideas for you, your friends and family. Find out more...

Mattresses Provide A Softer Landing - 24 May 2012
Recently, staff from Planet Ark visited Mission Australia's Soft Landing mattress recycling facility in Sydney. Find out what impressed us about this brilliant social environmental enterprise and why boxing bags are giving those in need, and the environment, a fighting chance.

Keeping Yourself Clean and Green - 24 May 2012
Here at Planet Ark, we love organic, sustainable and eco products, and we thought we'd put together a list of a few favourites our team uses to take care of ourselves the green way. Find out more...

A Victoria For National Tree Day - 24 May 2012
Victoria's Department of Sustainability & Environment is offering free trees to National Tree Day participants as part of their 2 Million Trees initiative, making it even easier to hold a Tree Day event! To find out what you can do in your state, read more...

Greener Gardens - 20 April 2012
Here at Planet Ark we separate our scraps to feed our worm farm. So to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week we've got some handy composting tips to get your garden ready for National Tree Day! Find out more...

We Are Family - 20 April 2012
Looking after a family can be costly for both the wallet and the planet. So to celebrate National Families Week we thought we'd share some ideas for cutting the budget and saving time. Find out more...

Happy 10 Years 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'! - 20 April 2012
Singing icon Kamahl and media personality Tim Webster are just two of the famous faces helping to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program. Be the first to see what they're saying about it. Click here.

Planet Ark is Recruiting... - 21 March 2012
...And we want you! Every year thousands of people put up their hand to help by becoming a National Tree Day Site Coordinator and this year we want it to be you. Find out more about leading the way this National Tree Day.

Recycling bin win! - 21 March 2012
Local belly dance teacher and mother-of-two Jacqui F from NSW has won Planet Ark's recent national photo competition, "Snap a Bin and Win". Jacqui's winning entry, "Recycling...and my kids" was randomly picked out of hundreds of colourful and unique recycling bin photo entries. Check out Jacqui's winning photo...

One person's trash... - 21 March 2012
Finding a good use for things we no longer need is getting easier, thanks to technology. Within a few clicks online you can find out where to recycle your once-prized possessions and perhaps even get cash for your trash! Find out more...

Appy Sustainable And Ethical Easter! - 21 March 2012
As the hot cross buns multiply in the supermarket and the Easter Bunny is preparing the eggs for his Easter Sunday delivery, now's a great time to organise your food and gifts for the special long weekend! Check out the great apps we've found to help you find ethical and sustainable produce. Find out more...

Green Resolution - Ditch Disposables and Drink Up! - 21 February 2012
This February, we're asking you to ditch disposable plastic drink bottles and make the change to eco-friendly, stainless steel bottles that last! It's a small change for a good cause. Click here to commit now.

Planning A Holiday? Make It An Eco-Adventure Instead! - 21 February 2012
Eco-adventures give you behind the scenes access to important environmental projects around the world and the chance to lend a helping hand. Plus you'll explore some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. So what are you waiting for? Find out more...

3...2...1...Say "Wood!" Winners Announced! - 21 February 2012
The photos are uploaded, the votes are in and the finalists, runners-up and winners have been chosen! The 'Snap Some Wood' national photo competition has been a huge success. Thanks for your great submissions! Check out all the award winning entries here...

Wanted: Good Home For Unwanted Gifts - 19 January 2012
A T-shirt that's too small? A CD you'll never listen to? A book that you've already read? Whatever the item, most of us have received unwanted gifts, perhaps even last Christmas. There are now more ways than ever to swap, sell or donate those unwanted items. Check out our list for fresh ideas!

Snap a Bin to Win! - 19 January 2012
Recycling your aluminium cans is so easy, it's great for the environment and it gives you a chance to win an iPad 2! Find out more...

Old Phones, More Chickens - 19 December 2011
This festive season help a family living in poverty by giving them a chicken. All you have to do is recycle your old mobile and its accessories through MobileMuster before Jan 31st 2012. Find out more...

It's Arty Time - 19 December 2011
The summer holiday period is a great time to get down and get arty! It's also a great way to use some of the existing materials around the house - especially any leftover festive materials like wrapping paper and boxes - to make 'recycled art'. Check out our Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide []. Find out more...

The 12 Do's of Christmas - 19 December 2011
At Christmas Australians eat more, drink more, travel more and throw more waste away than at any other time of year. The 12 Do's of Christmas gives you tips on reducing waste and saving money this Chrissy. If you're already pretty good at this, why not send the 12 Do's to your friends or family? Find out more...

Going the Green Route - 18 December 2011
There are lots of little things you can do to reduce the impact of getting to and from Christmas events, the shops and that great Aussie tradition - the summer holiday. Find out more...

Low Impact Pressies - 18 December 2011
It can be easy to get into a shopping frenzy, however everything you buy represents an investment in energy and water and an output of greenhouse gases. There are lots of clever ways to give presents that show friends, family and colleagues that you care for them - and for the planet. They may well save you money too. Find out more...

Can I Recycle That? - 10 November 2011
Have something that can't go in your household recycling bin, but don't want to throw it out? With a little research you can find a range of great initiatives that will reuse or recycle a number of unusual items, keeping them out of landfill and giving them a new life. Read on to find out about bikes, bulbs, beds and more.

Passionate About the World? Then Get Published - 12 October 2011
World Environment News is now on Twitter and to mark the occasion, Planet Ark is calling on budding environmental journalists, bloggers or concerned eco citizens to express yourselves on an environmental story that moves, angers or inspires you. Find out more...

Snap Some Wood and Win - 12 October 2011
To celebrate the launch of Planet Ark's new campaign Make It Wood - Do Your World Some Good we have three iPad2 tablets with wooden covers to give away. The campaign promotes the increased use of certified, responsibly sourced wood as a building material. Choosing the right wood stores carbon. Read on...

Potpourri Passes the Test - 12 October 2011
People often ask the Planet Ark team what it takes to get a product endorsed by us. Products are reviewed by our Research & Technical Manager to ensure they meet our criteria for potential environmental and human health impacts. We recently tested a new product Orange Power has introduced to its range of air fresheners - Potpourri fragrance. Find out more...

Orangutan Obsessed and Borneo Bound - 12 October 2011
In August this year I was lucky enough to visit 'Samboja Lestari,' an incredible orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation program in the heart of Borneo. Find out about my time there and how you can get involved.

Take the challenge - recycle right for National Recycling Week - 11 October 2011
National Recycling Week (7-13 November) is a great time to get involved in a range of events and activities that highlight the environmental benefits of re-use and recycling programs. A focus for this year is the new Tetra Pak Schools Recycle Right Challenge. If you're a teacher, P&C member or parent read on to find out how to get involved...

Green Resolution - Spring Fling - 1 September 2011
Back in June we asked you to reduce your impact this winter by turning the heat down, and keeping the cold out. This month we want you to consider a spring fling. You're probably asking why? Read on and find out.

One Perfect Puppy and 9,000 Plastic Poop Bags - 1 September 2011
Plastic bags and puppy poop are two things I don't want hanging around. I'd made a commitment years ago not to use single-use plastic bags for shopping so when I got a new (and quite possibly the world's cutest) puppy I had to find ways to clean up her poop without using new plastic. Find out how I've managed so far (and see a photo of my perfect puppy)...

Recycle Your Used Mobile and Improve Our Beaches - 1 September 2011
How many used mobile phones do you have stashed away in draws around the house? How can recycling them help improve the health of Australia's environment and beaches?

Thanks a Million Australia - 1 September 2011
The National Tree Day 2011 results are pouring in and we want to say thanks a million. That's one thank-you for every tree, shrub or grass that was planted for Tree Day. Find out more...

Treading Lightly on the Earth - 31 August 2011
By choosing the right carpet underlay you can tread comfortably on your floors and tread more lightly on the Earth. You'll also be supporting National Recycling Week. Dunlop Flooring and Flooring Xtra can help you do all of these. Read more...

Toyota - A Driving Force Behind National Tree Day - 26 July 2011
Over 180 Toyota dealerships along with their staff will again roll up their sleeves to get their hands dirty in support of National Tree Day this Sunday. Find out more about Planet Ark and Toyota Australia's 12-year partnership and why Toyota thinks Life is Better with Trees.

Bunnings is Helping to Grow Tree Day - 26 July 2011
We're happy to announce that Bunnings has become an official supporter of Planet Ark's Schools Tree Day. Their support forms a part of Bunnings' ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental impact and playing an active role in the local communities in which it operates. Read more.

Simple Steps To Search For A Site - 26 July 2011
With 463 public sites registered to date, there is bound to be a Tree Day event near you. Search for a site, RSVP to have the details e-mailed to you and you could win! Find out more.

Life Is Better with Trees Schools Competition - 26 July 2011
Encourage your kids' school to enter Planet Ark's Life is Better with Trees Schools Competition and they could be in the running to win up to $700 cash (and your kids will learn why life is better with trees!) Find out more.

Aussie Kids Don't Climb Trees Anymore - 26 July 2011
Research released by Planet Ark and sponsored by Toyota shows that, compared to their parents, this generation of kids plays outside much less often, don't play on the streets and have stopped climbing trees. Find out more.

Garden Guru At Your Service - 28 June 2011
5 Lucky readers have had their garden and landscaping questions personally answer by National Tree Day Ambassador and gardening expert Anthony Wyer. To find out if your question was chosen read on.

Green Resolution - August - 28 June 2011
Back in June we asked you to reduce your impact this winter by turning the heat down, and keeping the cold out. This month we want you to consider a spring fling. You're probably asking why? Read on and find out.

Orangutans On Top - 27 June 2011
Planet Ark's Palm Oil Free campaign in partnership with Aware laundry products has drawn to a close and thanks to your support we've been able to raise over... read on to find out!

Peering Over The Environmental Edge - 27 June 2011
Environmental Edge is Planet Ark's new consumer information service. Through a series of information-based TV ads, we're setting out to help you make better environmental choices across a wide range of products and services. Our first advertisement features Forest & Wood Products Australia's 'Wood. Naturally Better' campaign. Read more...

Tell Us The Carbon Footprint For A Chance To Win - 27 June 2011
Sanctuary Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the latest product to adopt the Carbon Reduction Label in Australia. The label demonstrates the New Zealand Wine Company's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of this wine - and you could win half-dozen bottles. Read on...

Green Resolution - May - 23 May 2011
Last month we asked you to commit to making your regular caffeine hit certified sustainable and this month we're asking you cut back on food scraps by composting instead. Click here to commit now.

Facebook Frenzy! - 23 May 2011
Did you know Planet Ark has three fabulous Facebook profiles to help keep you up to date with recycling, National Tree Day, and other environmental initiatives? Click here to find the best Facebook page for you!

Garden Guru At Your Service - 23 May 2011
Do you have a gardening or landscape design question that you're itching to get answered - we can help! National Tree Day ambassador and celebrity landscape designer Anthony Wyer is on hand to answer you questions and queries. Read on to ask your question.

What A Wonderful World - 23 May 2011
June 5th marks an important date on the world calendar - it's World Environment Day! This annual day of celebration is a fantastic opportunity for us all to show our appreciation of the wonderful world we live in. Read on to find out more about this year's event and see how you can get involved.

Green Resolution - April - 12 April 2011
Last month we asked you to commit to using recycled toilet paper and this month we're asking you to make your regular caffeine hit certified sustainable. Click here to commit now.

Are You A Good Egg? - 12 April 2011
This Easter, whether you're on the hunt for scrumptious chocolate eggs to give as gifts or the real kind to eat for brekkie, it's important to consider how your choices impact on the environment and the world we live in. Read our tips for being a good egg.

Compost With Costa - 12 April 2011
With International Composting Awareness Week on the horizon, what better time to think about recycling your food scraps and garden cuttings! Costa Georgiadis talks you through the essentials of composting and worm farming in a short video tutorial. Read more.

Dyson 'Eco-Trade' Campaign - 4 March 2011
Got an old vacuum cleaner lying around the house? On the look out for a new one? This month Dyson and The Good Guys are helping people across Australia recycle any brand of old vacuum cleaner and help reduce the number of electrical appliances going to landfill. In return you will receive a 15% discount voucher off the purchase of a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Read on for more information about the Dyson 'Eco-trade' campaign.

Green Resolution - March - 4 March 2011
This year we want to help you write resolutions that can really make a difference and help you stick to them - with Planet Ark's Green Resolutions. Last month you committed to going Palm oil free and this month we're asking you to ditch the bright white in the bathroom and switch to recycled rolls. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something and together we can all make a difference. Click here to commit now.

Congratulations on the great recycling Australia! - 2 March 2011
The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program needs your help! We've set ourselves the target of diverting 15 million cartridges from landfill by March 31st 2011. So far, we've collected 14.5 million cartridges - enough to fill 29 Olympic swimming pools, or 97 jumbo jets (747s). That's great, but we still haven't hit the target. Can you help us get across the line in time?

Every Load Of Laundry Can Take A Load Off The Orangutan - 28 January 2011
Planet Ark is proud to announce we've joined forces with the Australian Orangutan Project and the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Australia, as project partners in our Palm Oil Free campaign. Read on to find out how by washing your whites and caring for your colours you can help these two great organisations protect the organutan...

Green Resolution - January - 28 January 2011
This year we want to help you write resolutions that can really make a difference and help you stick to them - with Planet Ark's Green Resolutions. These are simple monthly activities that we're asking you to commit to in order to give the planet a helping hand in 2011. Your first resolution, should you choose to accept it is...Read on to get started.

Want to be an energy and climate change leader in your local community? - 28 January 2011
Get involved in Energymark. Volunteers are needed to lead discussions on energy, climate change, water and waste. Find out more about the program here...

Better Recycling at Work - 28 January 2011
What else could your workplace be recycling? Who's responsible for recycling at your work? What's the best way to make their job a little easier? Click to find out more.

Carve up a catchphrase and you could win! - 27 January 2011
Enter our comp for your chance to win a surfboard signed by Layne Beachley! Check out all the details and read our recent interview with the surfing champ here...

Phones for ducks - 13 December 2010
This summer, MobileMuster is helping Oxfam to give ducks to families fighting poverty in Mozambique - and you can help just by recycling your old mobile phone!

Win a Pure and Green Organics pamper pack - 13 December 2010
(Hint: It's pure, green and gold...) Find out for your chance to win one of 4 x Pure and Green Organics Pamper Packs.

Green Gifts for Kids - 7 December 2010
We all know how much kids love to wake up with the sun on Christmas morning, tear into mum and dad's room squealing with excitement, before racing around to find their gifts under the tree. But everything we buy, wrap and give has an impact on the environment. So what green goodies can you give the kids this year that won't cost the earth?

Give food waste the flick this festive season! - 6 December 2010
Every year Australians throw away an estimated three million tonnes or $5.2 billion of food. This works out at around three week's worth of groceries per household per year! With food consumption at its highest, the festive season is the best time to make real inroads into reducing Australia's food wastage. Best of all, reducing food waste not only helps the environment, it saves you money too. Find out more here...

Aussies throw away $950 million per year in Standby power use - 6 December 2010
Through Standby power use! Enter our quiz and win one of ten Jackson Energy Saving Powerboards this Christmas, to help you save on energy bills and reduce your household carbon emissions from standby power use. Enter here...

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree... - 3 December 2010
Every year as Christmas trees start appearing in shops and homes across the globe, environmentalists ask the question, which is better for the planet - the real deal or a plastic fantastic alternative ?To help you make the best choice for you and your family we've taken a look at this great debate, summarised both sides of the story and come to a conclusion. To find out the answer read on...

Carbon Reduction Label Products Hit the Shelves! - 5 November 2010
ALDI's everyday olive oil range is now on shelves around the country as the first product in Australia with the Carbon Reduction Label. Which two products are next? Click here to find out...

What's All The Buzz About Batteries? - 5 November 2010
This National Recycling Week, Planet Ark is spreading the word about battery recycling. To coincide with National Recycling Week, Australia's first free, national recycling collection program for household batteries is being launched. Where can you recycle your batteries? Why is battery recycling so important? Click here to find out more...

Fling Ya Files on Friday! - 5 November 2010
We're great at recycling at home, but what about our home-offices and businesses? Only 1 in 10 sheets of office paper are recycled. Doing a Friday File Fling is a fun, easy way to get good quality paper back into the system. Find out more...

Recycling Orange Peel and Other Stories - 5 November 2010
What do oranges, printer cartridges, rechargeable batteries and aluminium cans have in common? They are all related to the generous sponsors of National Recycling Week 2010! And each one has a great recycling story of its own...

What's the Journey of Jeans? - 4 November 2010
Be the first to see the journey of jeans - From Crop to Swap. Special preview for Aware subscribers. Find out how your jeans were made, what's gone into them and the best way to pass them on. Click here to find out more...

Swapping's the New Shopping - 29 September 2010
Don't miss out on the lastest way to get new stuff for free! And it doesn't cost the earth. Swap stuff that you don't want for stuff that you do, at one of the many Big Aussie Swap Parties happening around the country during National Recycling Week, or host your own. Find out more about the swapping craze...

Select Your Directory - 29 September 2010
Like to choose which directories you receive out of the Yellow and White Pages? You can now select your directories or opt out of receiving them. Click here for more info on the new service from Sensis.

Clean Clothes, Clean Conscience - 29 September 2010
Did you know palm oil is used in a range of everyday products from food and cosmetics to soaps and detergents? Unfortunately the increasing demand for this versatile vegetable oil is causing the rapid clearing of tropical rainforests in South-East Asia, which is home to the amazing Sumatran and Bornean orangutans. Read on to find out how Aware laundry products are helping to protect the rainforests and how you can too.

Wearing your Heart on your Sleeve - 2 September 2010
None of us want to wear something that was made in a sweatshop, but how can we tell what's 'good' and what's not? Arm yourself with these tips on buying ethically-made clothes. Check out the tips...

From the Garden to the Kitchen - 2 September 2010
Live in an apartment or inner-city? Maybe you'd like to be more savvy about growing fruit and veg? Keen to meet some locals? Community gardens are popping up all over Australia and there might be one for you just around the corner! Check out the blossoming garden scene...

You can be a Climate Scientist - 2 September 2010
Information from your backyard and local area is important. Find out how you can get your hands dirty and get on board with Landcare - for more than just fun. Read on...

How to be a Green Beauty Queen - 2 September 2010
It's not easy being green let alone trying to be a green beauty queen - what products should you buy, what nasties should you avoid and what do all the labels mean? Don't despair, with a few helpful hints, recipes and resources galore, we'll have you on your way to being an organic goddess or green glamourpuss in no time. Read on to find out more...

From Saving Seeds to Squirrel Gliders - 28 July 2010
There are many wonderful and varied ways to celebrate life in all it's diversity.

Taking it Slow Has Never Sounded So Good - 28 July 2010
You might cringe at the name crock-pot, but the slow cooker is making a comeback. A new generation is catching onto the convenience of this great kitchen asset. Simply throw some ingredients in a pot, flip the switch and hours later come home to a beautifully cooked meal. But slow cookers aren't just for the time conscious - they are for the green home as well. Read on to discover the eco-benefits of taking things slow in the kitchen...

Make Recycling at Work Easy - 27 July 2010
You're probably recycling everything you can at home but what's the situation like at work? Planet Ark's new BusinessRecycling website and hotline have been designed to make finding recycling services as easy as a few clicks. Whether your workplace is looking for recycling options for cardboard, food scraps, plastic, wood pallets, computers or more, you're bound to find a service on the site. Read more...

Rags to Riches - the Inside Story - 27 July 2010
Donating your clothes to charity seems like a pretty simple concept. You take your used-but-still-good items to a clothing 'bin' or charity shopfront, right? Well, kind of. Planet Ark took an inside look at The Smith Family's clothing recycling operation. Check out what we discovered about the second-hand clothing trade...

Save Money By Answering This Simple Question... - 29 June 2010
'Where can you buy environmentally responsible products, including products endorsed by Planet Ark?'

Who Has Been Crowned Australia's Most Sustainable City? - 29 June 2010
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greenest city of them all? Is Sydney the sustainable city, Melbourne the most green, is Perth perfect or did Adelaide get straight A's? Australia's largest cities go head to head in the Australian Conservation Foundation Sustainable Cities Index. How do you think your city fared and who took the number one spot? Read on to find out more...

What's Your Tree Story? It Might Win You An Indulgent Weekend Getaway... - 29 June 2010
Authors, poets, musicians and artists have all been inspired by trees and now it's your turn. As part of our National Tree Day celebrations, Planet Ark is offering an indulgent weekend eco getaway valued at $1,000 to the author of Australia's most inspired tree tale. To find out more information click here

Curious About The Carbon Footprint Of Olive Oil? - 29 June 2010
Well thanks to ALDI you will soon be able to find out. In June this year, ALDI became the first company to join the Carbon Reduction Label program, which Planet Ark has introduced to Australia. By the end of this year, every bottle of olive oil in ALDI's everyday olive oil range will feature a label showing the carbon footprint in grams of CO2 per 100ml. Read on for more info on the Carbon Reduction Label and enter the competition to win an ALDI olive oil hamper...

Get On Board The Wave And Win! - 26 May 2010
Over the last 200 years humanity experienced five distinct waves of innovation - says a new book, The Sixth Wave. Read on to learn more and for your chance to win one of ten copies of The Sixth Wave ...

Planet Ark's Newest Endorsed Product - 26 May 2010

Wood You Know What To Look For? - 26 May 2010
Timber and wood certification is a relatively new addition to the consumer toolbox, designed to help you buy better. Evolving from a growing demand for sustainable wood products, forestry certification labels are the key to making informed timber choices. To find out which labels to look for, read on...

Love Food, Hate Waste ... Who Doesn't? - 26 May 2010
Can you freeze eggs? Does bread last longer in the fridge or bread box? When are kiwi fruits in season? Click here for this info and more...

Battery-Powered Business - 29 April 2010
Using batteries around the home is one thing, but when you look at the collective battery use in businesses and schools, the figures are staggering. Read on...

Picnics and Dragways? - 29 April 2010
What do dragways, koalas, business and picnics have in common? National Tree Day, of course! To find out more click here...

Simple Seasonal Supper - 29 April 2010
Check our cheap and easy recipe of the month. All cooked in one pot with seasonal veggies, it's light on you and the environment. Read on...

What's The Gap In Recycling? - 29 April 2010
Planet Ark's research partner, Pollinate, got talking to Australians to find out about all things green and recycling. The results are in. Click here to discover the gap in our recycling behaviour.

Recycling Right ... - 30 March 2010
Last edition we asked our Aware readers to take a survey about their recycling habits. Now the results are in! Which question did most Aware readers get wrong? Click here to find out...

Tips For A Safe And Green Easter Getaway - 30 March 2010
Going on a road trip over the Easter long weekend? Then don't forget your toothbrush and your green driving know-how. Read on for a quick checklist to get you started on a safe and green getaway.

Stay In Touch With The Planet - 30 March 2010
With climate scientists and climate sceptics, new species and species extinctions and technology being seen as the problem as well as the solution the environment has become an increasingly important, and sometimes confusing, issue. But now there's a fantastic resource to help you and your friends and family keep ahead of it all - and stay in touch with the planet.

Mmm ... Guilt-Free Chocolate - 30 March 2010
Chocolate, it's nearly impossible to resist. But there is a darker side to the production of this tasty treat. Find out here how you can make smart chocolate decisions to protect both the environment and the cocoa farmers and their families.

Organic Quiz! - 11 March 2010
Organic milk has what percentage more antioxidants than normal milk? a) 20% b) 50% c) 70% d) 90%

And The Winner Is... - 11 March 2010
Our surfing Aluminium Can now has a name, but with so many creative entries to our promo, it wasn't an easy choice. Click here to find out which name won...

Australians Throw Away One Million Dollars A Day! - 11 March 2010
What simple household item is thrown away each day across Australia? Click here to find out and stop wasting money.

What Are You Doing This National Tree Day? - 11 March 2010
Love to garden? Interested in making your community a little greener and cleaner for your children? Well, step up this National Tree Day and share what you know with the gardeners of the future!

Aware Readers Get Crafty! - 18 January 2010
We had such a fantastic response to our Christmas craft competition, thanks to everyone who wrote to us. Check out Aware's favourite recycled crafts ... Beware, these are not just kids activities!

Quiz: Offset Your Trip! - 18 January 2010
How many aluminium cans do you need to recycle to offset a ten kilometre journey in an average size car? a) 1 b) 6 c) 20 d) 100

Good News For NSW Residents - 18 January 2010
Have you looked at having solar panels on your roof but the upfront cost and payback period have put you off? Well things have now changed in NSW.

WIN A Layne Beachley Signed Surfboard! - 18 January 2010
What does Layne Beachley, seven-time world surfing champion, have in common with an aluminium can? Find the answer and how to win a customised surfboard signed by Layne...

Fruit And Nut... It's Not Just Chocolate - 18 January 2010
How can you be a link between fruit and nuts, Australia's cultural heritage and food diversity?

What's An Eco Toy? - 15 December 2009
Today the term "eco-friendly" is being used more and more frequently. But what makes a toy eco-friendly?

Christmas. The Quiz. - 15 December 2009
Which kind of gift wrapping can be recycled in your typical home recycling bin? Answer correctly for the chance win an Eco-Stationery Pack.

Hot Summer. Cool Food. - 15 December 2009
Christmas is a great time to enjoy meals with your family and friends, but a festive feast in summer can leave you feeling overheated, overstuffed and in need of a siesta! Read on for hot tips on 'cooling' foods for you and the family this summer...

Tidying Out 'Round Christmas - 15 December 2009
There's lots of stuff circulating at Christmas... what to do with those broken iPods, old toys, party hats and custard cartons?

Combating Climate Change Deniers: Simple Responses - 15 December 2009
Heard the one about cosmic rays? Got a climate change doubter in your family? Not sure how to respond when they criticise climate science? Read these scientific responses to the most common sceptics' arguments and you'll be ready for anything.

DIY Fun This Festive Season - 15 December 2009
Creating a festive feeling at home can be fun and eco-friendly. Check out our recycled decorations and kids Christmas craft ideas and go in the running to win an Enviro Craft Prize Pack valued at $60.

Quick Quiz ... Sizzling Summer! - 26 November 2009
Over the summer holidays, 70% of Australians stoke up the barbie how often? a) 4-6 times a week b) 1-3 times a week c) once a fortnight d) once a month

Seeding Peace - 25 November 2009
Does your community garden need some sprucing? Pick up a packet of seeds blessed by the His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to help you get growing this December!

Stocking Up For Christmas...? - 25 November 2009
What's something most of us do during the year, and forget about at Christmas?

Keep The Critters At Bay, The Natural Way! - 25 November 2009
The festive season is a great time to entertain friends and family - but guests with more than four legs can often be....pesky! Natural pest control methods can be effective and better for your health - and so easy to DIY...

Picking the Right Package - 28 October 2009
Packaging makes up the bulk of the recycling generated in the home kitchen. So, when you're doing the groceries, what are some of the things you could consider to help reduce your household impact?

Swap Till You Drop - It's Fun Free And Green - 28 October 2009
Melissa Doyle, co-host of Sunrise on Seven, says it's time to dig out your unwanted (but good quality) clothes, accessories, books, CD/DVDs and toys - and swap them for new items at one of the many Big Aussie Swap Parties happening around the country during National Recycling Week.

Arrange an Office Fling - 28 October 2009
Office paper has a low recycling rate because so much of it get's 'stored' in files that will never be read again. So on the 13th November workplaces all over Australia will be participating in the Friday File Fling. It's a fun, easy to organise, staff engagement activity designed to get good quality office paper and back into circulation. Sign your workplace up.

Don't Waste Our Forests, Go Online! - 15 September 2009
We use a staggering amount of paper each year but 'PaperCutz 4 Planet Ark' is changing this. Find out how it has already cut 90 tonnes of paper in the pilot program with Colonial First State.

Change The Globe - 15 September 2009
Switch to energy saving globes for the opportunity to win a $6000 sustainable home pack. Find out more...

Speed Dating With A Sperm Donor! - 15 September 2009
Check out the inside scoop on green dating. A Planet Arker investigates Australia's first carbon neutral Singles Social Events... Click here to read on.

E-Waste Recycling - Who Should Pay? - 15 September 2009
Electronic waste (or e-waste) is growing at three times the rate of household waste. Yet there is still no national scheme to deal with it. In the run up to the November meeting of all Australian Environment Ministers, we ask - Who do you think should be responsible for covering the cost of recycling old computers, TVs, mobiles and other e-waste?

Spring Eating - 14 September 2009
Celebrate spring with this delicious seasonal pasta dish. Good for your wallet and for the planet, it's tasty and easy to prepare! For more info click here.

Quick Quiz - 14 September 2009
Road traffic accounts for what percentage of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions? A) 4% B) 10% C) 16% D) 25%

Quick Quiz - 17 August 2009
How many litres of water does it take to produce 1kg of beef? A) 50 L B) 100 L C) 500 L D) 50 000 L

Recycling Public Enemy #1 - 17 August 2009
Question - What common snack package is so complicated that no recycling service in Australia can deal with it?

Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Big Aussie Swap - 17 August 2009
Our readers are pretty 'Aware' when it comes to Swap Parties - you've sent us details of your Swaps held at preschools, with friends & family, and in the community. But Swap Parties are going to get even bigger this year... Be the first to hear about it!

Green Up With GreenPower! - 17 August 2009
Join almost a million Australian households! Switch to GreenPower and you can take up the offer to save $50 from your first power bill. Read more...

No Place Like An Eco-Home! - 17 August 2009
Thinking about doing some work on your home to boost its energy, waste or water efficiency? Chatting to sustainable home-owners and checking out their improvements is a great way to test out ideas and get some tips. Click here for more info on open houses around the country for Sustainable House Day...

Jumping Geraniums - 20 July 2009
Have you met our Schools Tree Day ambassador, Fifi Forget-Me-Not? Click here to learn more about Fifi and you could win some 'fiddly flowerpetal' fun prizes for the kids!

All About Hybrids - 16 July 2009

Freebie Fox Film - 10 June 2009
Win preview tickets to see 'The Fox And The Child', the new film from the director of 'The March Of The Penguins'. Click here for details...

Tall Trees Quiz! - 10 June 2009
Get our quick quiz right and go in the draw to win one of five copies of Trees that Call Australia Home. Click here to view the quiz.

Progress on E-Waste - 10 June 2009
Key steps were taken last month on national recycling schemes for TVs and computers. Check out the historic developments...

Dress To Impress... Not Impact - 9 June 2009
Stylish, ethical and good for the environment? Check out the slow fashion revolution ...

Quick Quiz - 12 May 2009
In the past fifty years, the populations of large fish species, such as tuna and cod, have fallen by how much? A) 20% B) 40% C) 65% D) 90%

Break The Bag Habit! - 12 May 2009
People just like you have brought plastic bag use down by one third in recent years. This is a great voluntary effort! But Australians still use 4 billion checkout bags a year - that's 10 million a day. YOU can help break this bag habit!

Food For Thought - 12 May 2009
Coming into winter it's nice to stock up on hearty meals. This doesn't mean we need to put extra weight on the environment.

This Article Is Recycled - 15 April 2009
After a huge response to last month's Buy Recycled Quiz, we reveal how buying recycled paper reduces greenhouse emissions, and the quiz winners.

Skip To School - 15 April 2009
Cars produce nearly a fifth of household greenhouse gas emissions, so one of the best things you can do for the planet is to drive less. So join thousands of other Australians on Friday 15th May, leave the car at home, and Walk Safely to School...

Changing The World ... One Park At A Time - 15 April 2009
For those of you who believe "never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever has" here is a Tree Day story to warm your heart. Read on ...

Planet Ark Puzzle - 15 April 2009
What do a ruler, a park bench, the steel in a fridge, and the ink in a pen have in common? Click here to find out...

Grow A Revolution - 25 March 2009
Planet Ark needs your help to Get Growing! for National Tree Day. If you have a green thumb and think you could help start a tree growing revolution why not think about being a site coordinator for Australia's largest community tree growing event. Work with your local school, council, church or sporting group to care for your local environment. To read more about it click here.

Aware Readers Got It Right ... Just - 25 March 2009
The last Quick Quiz was pretty tricky ... Find out why 'goods and services' are the highest contributor to Australian household greenhouse gas production.

Buy Recycled Quiz! - 25 March 2009
Get our quick quiz right and go into the draw to win one of ten recycled paper greeting card packs. How does buying recycled paper help our environment?

Turn Off Your Power, Turn On Earth Hour - 25 March 2009
What do people of Melbourne, Mumbai and Mexico City have in common? They're all taking part in this year's Earth Hour and you can too! Find out more...

DUMP It Or KEEP It? - 25 March 2009
Multipack soap wrapped in plastic; chip packets full of air - we've all seen some pretty useless packaging. Find out what won this year's DUMP (Damaging and Useless Packaging) Award and some eco-friendlies to KEEP.

Quick Quiz - 2 March 2009
Get our quick quiz right and you could win a Little Green Guide. Which is the highest contributor to Australian household greenhouse gas production?

How Aware Are You? - 27 February 2009
What do whaling ship collisions, electric cars, Google Ocean and Egyptian mummies have in common? Click here to find out...

Green Gifts for Free? - 26 February 2009
Is it possible to get all your Christmas gifts for free? Check out how one mother from the NSW Blue Mountains did just that...

Playing In The Dirt - 26 February 2009
Is Nature Deficit Disorder in children real? Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods, thinks so. So how much can splashing through the mud, building cubbies in the yard or playing tribes in the bush help your children succeed in life? And if you live in the city what can you do about it? For more discussion click here ...

Clapped Out Computers... - 7 January 2009
Most Aussie homes now have at least one broken TV, old iPod, superseded mobile or clapped out computer. So what can we do to get rid of them in a responsible way?

Quick Quiz - Answer - 7 January 2009

Quick Quiz - 7 January 2009

Lets do (school) lunch - 7 January 2009
As good greenies we all know it is important to use less packaging, reduce waste and make healthy school lunches to boot! But let's face it - it is easier said than done. Never fear! At Planet Ark we have surveyed our team to come up with some time saving, practical ways to reduce the environmental impact of school lunches.

2009: Make it a Year for the Planet! - 7 January 2009

Tree Day Goes Troppo! - 3 December 2008
For those of you that thought National Tree Day only happened once a year, think again! Last Sunday hundreds of Aussies from Cairns to Kununurra grabbed their gloves and shovels and took part in Tropical Tree Day. So why do the tropics get their own tree planting day?

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Party - 3 December 2008
We can eat, drink and be merry this festive season and still tread lightly. Check out Planet Ark's tips for partying in an eco-friendly style this festive season...

Quick Quiz! - 3 December 2008
Get our holiday quiz right and you could win a Green Christmas Hamper. Applying mulch to your soil can reduce evaporation by how much?

CFL Myth Busting - 26 November 2008
If the rest of the world followed Australia's lead and banned incandescent bulbs, we'd save enough electricity to shut 270 coal-fired power stations. Since the announcement of the ban, 7 myths surrounding Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) have sprung up...

Give the Gift of Green - 26 November 2008
Think outside the (gift) box for some unique ideas that are sure make a big impact on your loved ones but a small impact on the environment. Click here for green gift ideas to suit a range of tastes and budgets...

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