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Helping you get the job done without doing a job on the environment.

We've made it our business to provide you with ideas for bringing environmentally positive actions to the workplace.

There are so many ways you and your colleagues can make a positive imact at work with Planet Ark's campaigns.

Planet Ark has created a calendar you can download and use or print out for other staff to see.

Check out of each of our campaigns below.


Business Recycling

Business RecyclingWhether you run a café, a garage, a factory or an office, you will be able to find reuse or recycling options for much of the waste generated by your workplace.

The BusinessRecycling website is specifically designed to make it easy for Australian small to medium sized business find re-use and recycling services in their area.

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National Tree Day - 29 July 2018

Tree DayResearch released by Planet Ark shows that Australians are willing to give up an average of $3,674* pay to be able to work in a more natural workplace but 28% of workers can’t see any natural features from their workspace. It also shows that having plants around the office  helps workers recover from tiredness more quickly, reduces the presence of airborne bacteria and increases productivity.

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National Recycling Week - 12-18 November 2018

National Recycling Week is the perfect time of year to popularise the many aspects of recycling in your workplace. Visit the website to see all the options avialable.

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Friday File Fling

Only around 1 in every 10 sheets of office paper gets recycled. Much of it ends up 'stored' in files that will never be read again. By hosting a Friday File Fling, you can declutter your office and get good, reusable office paper back into circulation.

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Planet Ark Paper

Paper is one of the most commonly recycled materials - but did you know that you can now buy high quality 100% recycled office paper that's also FSC certified and carbon neutral? Close the paper loop and get recycled paper today.

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Get Solar Panels on Your Workplace

With Planet Ark Power - your workplace could run a mini-power staiton on it's roof! Panels are installed free and then your power bills pay off the installation, the accountant won't notice a thing!

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Recycle Your Used Cartridges

Cartridges 4 Planet ArkYour workplace can apply for a FREE cartridge collection box. You just need to use more than three cartridges a month.

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Make it Wood

Make it WoodResearch by Planet Ark demonstrates wooden structures not only look good, but do good. Wood structures at your workplace will have positive impact on employees and customers.

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Planet Ark now offers a service through which a Planet Ark team member supports your business to develop a streamlined calendar of workplace sustainability activities.


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