Planet Ark Paper Unwrapped

Planet Ark Paper Unwrapped

Improve your environmental footprint with unwrapped 100% recycled office paper


Planet Ark Paper Unwrapped is here!

The first and only 100% recycled, unwrapped copy paper on the market is here.

You spoke and we listened. You wanted less packaging, we gave you less packaging, leaving you with a completely recyclable carton and product inside. So all you have to do now is decide how to use this blank canvas. You can do it!

Planet Ark Paper Unwrapped

Planet Ark 100% Recycled Paper sprung into the market. We want to put recycled paper into the spotlight and ensure people around the country understand the environmental and economic benefits of choosing Australian made recycled paper.

As one of Australia’s most trusted environmental organisations, we’ve made sure Planet Ark Paper is a premium environmentally conscious office paper and has the best environmental impact.

What are the environmental benefits?

Planet Ark Paper is made from 100% recycled Australian white paper-waste collected from secure document bins from workplaces around the country. Using recycled waste paper means less water and energy has been used in the production process. It also diverts the paper from landfill, keeping existing materials in circulation and expanding their life cycle.

Planet Ark Paper is:

  • 100% recycled

  • Certified Carbon Neutral under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard

  • FSC® certified due to the valuable role that recycled paper products play in protecting the world’s forests

  • Australian made

  • Unwrapped, meaning there are 2,500 sheets of paper inside the 100% recyclable cardboard carton with no extra packaging

Planet Ark Paper original reams are still available through selected stockists.

If you care about the environment or if your organisation wants to be more sustainable, rather than purchasing imported recycled products, use Planet Ark 100% Recycled Paper to reduce your carbon footprint and support the Australian recycled materials market by closing the recycling loop.

Planet Ark Paper is a part of our Make It Australian Recycled program.


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