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The Silene Stenophylla, Oldest Plant To Be Regenerated

Date: 27-Feb-12
Country: RUSSIA
Author: Denis Sinyakov

The Silene Stenophylla, Oldest Plant To Be Regenerated

The Silene stenophylla, considered as the oldest plant ever to be regenerated, is seen at a laboratory of the Institute of Cell Biophysics under the Russian Academy Of Sciences in the town of Pushchino, some 100 km (62 miles) south of the capital Moscow February 24, 2012.

The seeds of an extant species of a flowering plant, also known as the narrow-leafed campion, were found by Russian scientists on the banks of the Kolyma River in Siberia in an Ice Age ground-squirrel's burrow containing fruit and seeds that had been stuck in the permafrost for about 30,000 years.

The permafrost, which serves as a natural depository for ancient life forms, may help researchers and scientists with their future experiments to revive other species, according to local media.

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