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Polish Motorboat Owners Make Waves to Save Fish

Date: 19-Jul-09
Country: POLAND
Author: Dagmara Leszkowicz

WARSAW - Owners of motorboats are using their propellers to make waves and help to re-oxygenize a lake outside Warsaw where large numbers of fish have been dying.

Up to 20 tonnes of dead fish have washed into Zegrzynskie Lake, a popular relaxation spot, after recent heavy rains caused rising water levels which knocked vegetation and fertilizer into lake and streams, de-oxygenizing the water and killing the fish.

The authorities appealed this week to motorboat owners to help tackle the problem by cranking up their engines simultaneously. Dozens responded to the call Tuesday and more were expected to join the campaign Wednesday evening.

"Until yesterday fish were dying by the tonne, but our campaign is having an effect," Jan Grabiec, head of the local municipality, told Reuters after comparing the number of dead fish found in the lake Wednesday to the previous day.

The stench of putrefying fish scared off visitors last weekend, cutting lakeside trade by half, Grabiec said.

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