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Planet Ark Power Coming to a Rooftop Near You

Australia is the world leader in residential rooftop solar but isn't even in the top 20 for business and organisational installations. So Planet Ark has teamed up with GoZERO to create Planet Ark Power.

The program's aim is to speed up the installation of solar panels on non-residential rooftops across Australia. We enable businesses, schools, councils, shopping centres, car parks and more to generate their own clean solar power and implement energy efficiency and storage technologies with the minimum financial outlay.

Our model means that most companies spending $10,000 or more on electricity a year are in a position to save on their bills.

A key area of work for the team at Planet Ark is to help create low carbon lifestyles. After seeing the uptake of non-residential rooftop solar overseas we looked around for ways to achieve the same here in Australia. And we came to the conclusion that this partnership with GoZERO is the way to do that.

Under the title of Planet Ark Power we will be offering:

  • Quality, reputable and smart engineering based solutions
  • Innovations like smart batteries combined with power factor correction, energy controls and LED lighting to address the total energy bill
  • Finance packages that are cash-flow positive from the day of installation and
  • Installation backed by an ASX listed company.

About GoZERO

GoZERO Energy trading as Planet Ark Power is an Australian renewable energy company with a strong background in research and innovation. The company was founded by experts in solar pv engineering with a goal of overcoming the hurdles preventing solar uptake, particularly amongst energy intensive businesses.

The GoZERO Energy team have developed a range of unique and innovative technologies that optimise large solar photo voltaic systems including sophisticated software that models the most cost-effective solar installations, energy management and battery storage options.

Find Out More

To find out more about Planet Ark Power contact Martin Daniel via email or 02 8484 7200.

Residential Rooftops

At this stage Planet Ark Power is focused on mid-to-large sized solar installations rather than residential.

Australian households are already world leaders in residential solar installations with a well-developed industry to service this market. In fact, 16% of Australian homes generate power from the sun. Businesses and other organisational uptake, on the other hand, has been much slower.

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