Planet Ark Power from GoZERO Energy
A Smart Energy Initiative from Planet Ark

No Up Front Cost Solar

Many Australian workplaces (like schools, councils, businesses) want to install solar panels for both environmental and cost related reasons but the high up-front cost is a significant barrier. Which is why we've come up with Planet Ark Power in partnership with GoZERO Energy.

Planet Ark Power Commercial Solar

Planet Ark Power operates as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under the PPA a workplace agrees to purchase the power generated from the roof-top solar panels (basically a mini power station) in exchange for their free installation and maintenance throughout the life of the agreement - usually 15 to 20 years.

At the end of the agreement the organisation owns the panels outright, which means they'll be generating free power.

Other Benefits

Getting fully installed solar panels with no up front cost is just one of the benefits of Planet Ark power, others include:

  • The power purchase price will be set at the beginning of the agreement and will change at a specified rate so there will be no big price increases and no bill-shock,
  • If you also pay demand charges, we can help you reduce those costs as well,
  • There will be cost savings (for eligible subscribers) from the day the power is switched on and
  • Carbon savings can be measured and included in sustainability reporting and will be aggregated by GoZERO and Planet Ark to measure the national impact.

First Success Story

In April 2015 the Mountain Districts Christian School in regional Victoria was the first organisation to sign up to Planet Ark Power. For them the PPA was a no-brainer. "The school values the environment and favours renewable energy but at current prices, installing solar was a long way off for us," said school Business Manager Tony Drummond. "When Planet Ark put forward the proposal it was a no-brainer! We get solar energy at a cheaper price than we were paying the power company, with no cash outlay or loan involved."

More Info

For more information about Planet Ark Power and to find out if this great new program would work for you contact Shaun Scallan on 0408 263 890 or

About GoZERO

GoZERO is an Australian company that installs quality clean energy related equipment, finances it and then maintains it for you over the life of the contract. We work in partnership with Planet Ark and provide specialised engineering and operational expertise to install rooftop solar PV plus other equipment to maximise your electricity savings and carbon savings.

We Prefer Australian Made - Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar is the only manufacturer of solar panels in Australia. Tindo panels are technologically advanced and specifically designed for the Australian environment to deliver on its product and performance warranty. Tindo panels are Made for Life.

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