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Did you know that the choices you make while shopping could make a huge difference to the environment?

We call it using your 'Green Dollar', Euro, Yen, Pound or whatever!

At Planet Ark we recognise that you, as a green consumer, may want a bit of help in choosing more environmentally responsible products.

Planet Ark supports a limited range of 'greener' products. Firstly, Planet Ark supports these products because they have met with certain environmental standards. They must offer a more environmentally responsible alternative to the commonly used products that are on the market, while still being a good, quality product.

Secondly, a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products is donated to Planet Ark and goes towards the ongoing development of our environmental initiatives. As such, these proceeds are an important source of funding for Planet Ark.

Please do look at these products and consider buying them. You'll not only be buying a good product that's better for our planet, you'll also be supporting Planet Ark and our campaigns.

Visit the Planet Ark Endorsed Products Web Site for more information about these products.