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Latest Stories

Find A Tree Day Event in Your Area

Date: 25-Jul-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
It's National Tree Day - a fun way to get outdoors and support your local community. Visit the Tree Day website to find an event near you

Going plastic free: what does it take?

Date: 24-Jul-17
Author: Rebecca Gilling
What does it take to go plastic free, even for a month, and what are some of the issues to consider? One of our staff member's has taken on the challenge for the month of July.

Orange's power bears fruit for Planet Ark and Aware Environmental

Date: 24-Jul-17
Author: Claire Bell
Planet Ark's endorsed product range helps you choose wisely at the supermarket with a range of products that are kind to the environment and your home.

Free child car seat recycling trial

Date: 21-Jul-17
Author: Ryan Collins
A new child car safety seat recovery trial program has been set up in a number of location across Queensland, NSW and Victoria offering parents a free and environmentally-friendly option for disposing of their old child car restraints. The program ends soon so don't miss out.

Australia is one step closer to being plastic bag free

Date: 20-Jul-17
Author: Claire Bell
Australia's two biggest supermarkets announced this week that they will be phasing out single-use plastic bags. While this may have surprised many, going plastic bag free is more widespread around the country and globally than might be expected. Either way, it is a great step forward in the war against single-use plastic.

1.5 million people, 12 hours, 66 million trees: India's commitment to The Paris Agreement

Date: 20-Jul-17
Author: Elise Catterall
India is the third largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world. In response to this, and to demonstrate their commitment to the recent Paris Agreement, they have just broken the world record for planting trees.

The little Brown Antechinus makes a comeback at Sydney's North Head

Date: 20-Jul-17
Author: Helen Nolan
The Brown Antechinus might look like a small brown rodent, but is in fact a native carnivorous marsupial. After several decades being absent from North Head in NSW 30 of the tiny marsupials are back in the wild.

World's largest crop of tequila plant set to fuel green energy in far north Queensland

Date: 20-Jul-17
Author: Laura Chalk
The world's largest crop of the plant used to make tequila is set to be cultivated in far north Queensland in order to fuel a new green energy initiative.

Be inspired by nature with a stunning online photo gallery

Date: 10-Jul-17
Author: Claire Bell
View an awe-inspiring journey across one of the world's most majestic natural environments. Planet Ark presents 'It's in Our Nature,' a stunning online photo collection featuring National Tree Day Ambassador and award-winning photographer Steve Parish celebrating Australia's trees and their power to inspire us

How you can make the most of Planet Ark's new research into outdoor learning

Date: 06-Jul-17
Author: Claire Bell
In the lead up to National Tree Day we look at Planet Ark's new research and how parents and teachers alike can help kids learn outdoors

Wood's all good for Tassie after state government announces wood encouragement policy

Date: 06-Jul-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Tasmania is the first state in Australia to introduce a wood encouragement policy (WEP). The policy aims to ensure sustainably sourced wood is fully considered, where feasible, as a key design component in public building projects throughout the state.

81-Year-Old Lebanese woman inspires a nation to recycle

Date: 06-Jul-17
Author: Helen Nolan
Two years ago Lebanon's waste mismanagement crisis was in the spotlight. Enter now 81-year-old Zeinab Mokalled who set up an all-woman rubbish collection team to encourage and implement household recycling.


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