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Green Resolutions - Make it a year for the planet About Green Resolutions

Green Resolutions will help you reduce your impact on the planet and live a leaner, greener life.  It is based on the principle that, whilst no one can do everything, everyone can do something.

Each week, you will receive one Green Resolution with information, tips and links for achieving the specific resolution.  

Resolutions throughout the year will focus on how you can save energy and money in the home; how best to dispose of electronic and other waste; where to find environmental goods and services and how to choose the ones that suit your needs, and much more.

Green Resolutions can also help you become a sustainability champion in your school, family, community or workplace.

Australians need and want to live cleaner, greener lifestyles. Recent research shows that we are concerned about climate change and want to do more to help the environment, and need guidance on how to do so.

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Inspiration for Green Resolutions

Planet Ark would like to thank Mark Mann and EcoPress, author and publisher of The Little Green Guide - the inspiration for Green Resolutions weekly messages.

The Little Green Guide by Mark Mann is a handy, pocket-sized guide that offers simple ways to save the planet. Get yourself a copy of The Little Green Guide, by Mark Mann. If you're looking for a more detailed explanation of how to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle, grab a copy of Greeniology, by Tanya Ha. You can find or order copies of both titles at all good book stores and online at Planet Ark Direct.