Environmental News Videos
Environmental News Videos from Reuters

It's lights, camera and action on the big environmental news stories of the day. Nothing beats video to help you stay in touch with the planet.

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Planet Ark sources these videos courtesy of the Reuters News Agency and they are brought to you in partnership with Colonial First State, because we want what you want - a more sustainable future.

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Environmental News Videos

Latest Videos (2 stories)

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Date: 30-May-16
Mass bleaching has destroyed as much as 35 percent of the coral on the northern and central Great Barrier Reef, a major blow to the World Heritage Site. Natasha Howitt reports.

Bubbling lava erupts from Italy's Mount Etna

Bubbling lava erupts from Italy's Mount Etna

Date: 26-May-16
Europe's highest volcano experiences explosive eruptions, shooting red lava into the sky.

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