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Aquarium Releases Sharks Off Sydney Beach for Study

Date: 17-Sep-08

The two-year-old wobbegong, or carpet sharks, measuring up to 80 cms in length, are bottom-dwelling sharks and regarded as harmless but can grow to three metres (10 feet) in length.

The study will provide an insight into the feasibility of releasing aquarium-bred sharks to restock populations in local areas, as well as the role marine parks can play in protecting species, said Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund Coordinator Claudette Rechtorik.

By monitoring the sharks, marine scientists will learn more about their growth patterns and behaviour and how long they spend in protected waters.

"Shark populations are being depleted because of practices such as over-fishing, shark-finning and the use of shark nets at beaches, so we're keen to raise awareness about the need to protect sharks, particularly those which are found mainly in Australian waters like wobbegongs," Rechtorik said.
(Reporting by Michael Perry; Editing by Paul Tait)

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