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EU Lawmaker Demands Shipping Included in CO2 Caps

Date: 11-Sep-08
Country: BELGIUM

That would be a surprise move, and not a part of earlier proposals made by the EU's executive European Commission.

The EU parliament is preparing to vote on changes to Europe's flagship weapon against climate change -- a carbon market which caps the greenhouse gases produced by individual, heavy industrial companies ranging from steelmakers to power generators across the 27-nation bloc.

The European Parliament voted in July to include aviation in the emissions trading scheme (ETS) for the first time from 2012, to howls of protests from airlines, backing earlier proposals made by the Commission in January.

Swedish deputy Lena Ek told Reuters in an interview she would ask the legislature's Industry Committee on Thursday to back a report calling for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from shipping to be included too.

"When it comes to regulation of CO2 emissions from shipping, there is nothing -- not nationally, not regionally, or globally," Ek said.

"Every sector has to contribute. I have included the inclusion of shipping in my report on ETS."

The executive European Commission had considered bringing shipping into the ETS but did not include it in the legislative package now going through parliament. If the full house adopted Ek's report, it would form the basis for negotiations with EU member states on the final shape of the law later this year.

Shipping contributed about 1.5 percent of total global CO2 emissions from energy in 2005, analysts estimate, compared to about 2 percent from international aviation.

Both sectors are excluded from national measures of CO2 emissions under the Kyoto Protocol on global warming -- the only emissions excluded from inventories under the treaty which critics say leaves them in a climate policy blind spot.
(Reporting by Pete Harrison, writing by Paul Taylor and Gerard Wynn; Editing by Michael Urquhart)

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