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E.ON UK Plans Giant Battery to Store Wind Power

Date: 14-Sep-07
Country: UK
Author: Pete Harrison

The prototype will be the size of four large shipping
containers and will contain the power of 10 million standard AA
batteries, capable of producing 1MW of electricity for four
hours, said E.ON UK.

"This is the holy grail of the wind industry," said a
spokesman. "The electrochemical technology is proven but we're
using a new mix of chemicals to overcome the difficulties that
stopped previous attempts.

"The mix of the chemicals is the hush hush bit," he added.

The battery should be operational by late 2009 and will help
solve one of the main problems of wind and solar power, added
the power firm, one of Britain's biggest with around 8.1 million
electricity and gas customers.

"Green power is only generated from wind farms when the wind
blows, and that might not be when the power's needed by
customers," said Bob Taylor, MD of Energy Wholesale and

"By researching and developing this battery we can store the
power generated by wind farms any time and then use it when our
customers need it the most. A school with solar panels can store
the power generated at weekends and use it when the kids are
back in school."

E.ON also announced a 40 million pound (US$81 million)
research fund for energy storage and other promising energy

The group plans to spend 1 billion pounds on sources of
renewable energy over the next five years, including new onshore
and offshore wind power, biomass and wave and tidal power.

E.ON shares were up 1.4 percent at 124.86 euros at 1504 GMT.

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