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China Urged to Join Effort to Defend Amazon from Soy

Date: 13-Sep-07
Country: CHINA

Brazil, the world's number-two soy producer, has formed the
Global Roundtable on Responsible Soy Association as worries rise
globally over the fate of the Amazon forest due to increasing
soybean output from South America.

"Sustainability is a huge issue," Robert Broeska, president
of International Association of Seed Crushers, told Reuters on
the sidelines of a conference in southern China.

"China is such a big part of the success formula in South
American soybeans. They must be involved."

The formation of the alliance follows Malaysia's Roundtable
on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which links plantations,
consumers and traders to support sustainable production of palm
oil and to prevent deforestation in Southeast Asia.
RSPO is to launch the first certified palm oil from
sustainable production early next year.

Broeska said such initiatives were gaining in importance as a
biofuel boom cranks up demand for vegetable oils, propelling
prices to historic highs.

The Brazilian Oils and Fats Industry Association (Abiove), a
member of the Brazilian Roundtable, and Brazil's National Grain
Exporters Association have pledged not to trade soy that
originates from the Amazon.

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