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Merkel Urges German Carmakers to Cut Emissions

Date: 10-Sep-07
Country: GERMANY
Author: Erik Kirschbaum

In her weekly podcast, Merkel said German manufacturers
needed to rise to the challenge of competitive world markets and
it was essential they "keep their eye on" reducing emissions.

Merkel, whose government pledged to cut greenhouse gas
emissions by up to 30 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels, is a
former Environment Minister. She has pushed climate protection
to the top of the agenda at several international conferences.

"I'm looking forward to see what the German carmakers will
be presenting in the areas of new technology and new
environmental protection measures," said Merkel, who will
formally open the car show to the public on Thursday.

She observed that Matthias Wissmann, the new president of
the German automobile association (VDA), said last week the
German carmakers were "re-inventing the car" and to meet the
future challenges.

"And among those (challenges) is clearly doing more for
climate protection," said Merkel.

She pointed out her government had recently agreed to work
for tax rule changes on cars -- with lower taxes for
low-emission vehicles and higher taxes for higher emissions.

"If the German car industry can rise to the technical
challenges, maintain high quality and keep their eye on climate
protection, that will ensure jobs in the future and help to
expand its export position," she said.

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