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Germany to Stay as Committed to Renewable Energy

Date: 31-Oct-05
Country: GERMANY

"We will pursue ambitious targets for the further expansion of renewable energy," it said in a draft deal between the country's two main parties obtained by Reuters on Friday.

That means Germany will stick to its target of ensuring renewable sources make up at least 20 percent of the country's overall energy requirement by 2020, a goal outlined by the previous Social Democrat (SPD)-Greens government.

Germany's two largest parties -- the SPD, the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) and their sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) -- are hoping to reach a power-sharing accord by Nov. 12 after a hung parliament in last month's election.

However, under a draft coalition deal, changes to the promotion of wind, hydro or solar power could only take effect from 2008. The idea of limiting the promotion of renewables has also been ruled out.

"Germany will continue to take a leading role in national and international climate protection," the draft document said.

The conservatives had been cool towards tight environmental targets, but the SPD is set to be in charge of the environment ministry under a "grand coalition" of the two parties.

The parties envisage increasing the level of support provided to make buildings more environmentally friendly to 1.5 billion euros ($1.82 billion) from 360 million euros per year.

The draft also outlines the likely next government's hope of preventing German companies making windfall profits from trading carbon dioxide emission certificates from 2008.

Firms received pollution rights from the government for free this year. The rights, in the form of certificates, can be traded.

The draft says Germany will support the European Commission into its investigation of how air transport can be incorporated into emissions trading.

It also says the future German government will consider making it necessary for auto fuels to contain some more environmentally friendly ingredients, such as ethanol, and that the agriculture sector's use of such fuel could be promoted.

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