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FACTBOX - G8 Climate Declaration and Action Plan

Date: 11-Jul-05
Country: UK

Here are the key points of their communique:

-- The G8 acknowledge that human activity contributes in large part to an increase in greenhouse gases that is linked to global warming.

-- They say existing science provides enough information to justify acting now to "put ourselves on a path to slow and, as the science justifies, stop and then reverse it the growth of greenhouse gases".

-- They pledge to "act with resolve and urgency" to reach common goals that include reducing greenhouse gases, but without setting any measurable target or timeframe.

-- They pledge to launch a wider dialogue on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development, bringing in other major energy consumers, to begin on Nov. 1.

-- They say it is in the world's interests to work in partnership with major emerging economies -- a reference in particular to China and India, which are expected to expand their greenhouse gas output rapidly with economic growth.

-- The binding Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gases, signed by seven of the G8 powers but termed economic suicide by US President George W. Bush, is mentioned only in passing.

-- The draft says the United Nations is the appropriate forum to negotiate future action on climate change.

-- A new Action Plan promises a range of measures to increase energy efficiency in industry, buildings, appliances and transport; encourage diversification of energy sources and use of renewable ones; promote cleaner use of fossil fuels; and coordinate research and development.

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