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Tiger-suited protestors target Exxon headquarters

Date: 29-May-03
Country: USA

Greenpeace, a nonprofit organization focusing on environmental issues, said the protest was aimed at increasing awareness about what it called Exxon Mobil's role in perpetuating global warming, while the company said the demonstration was high on drama but short on facts.

A Greenpeace spokesman said protesters blocked a front gate at the company's headquarters with vans, while other demonstrators dressed in tiger suits - after the Exxon mascot - roamed through the facility handing out information on what Greenpeace said were Exxon policies that harmed the environment.

Greenpeace said some of the protesters made their way past Exxon security guards by rolling up to the company's gates in large cars and wearing suits. As a result, the guards thought they were employees or guests, the group said.

A few protesters made it to the roof of a three-floor building, but were soon arrested, police said. Those taken into custody may face trespassing charges, they said.

The protest was aimed at kicking off more demonstrations planned for Exxon's shareholders meeting yesterday.

Exxon Mobil spokesman Tom Cirigliano said the protesters did not disrupt operations and the event was peaceful. He also said the company is one of the leaders in developing technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"This is a typical Greenpeace demonstration that is big on publicity but short on facts," Cirigliano said.

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