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UK energy policy could hurt British industry-EIUG

Date: 28-Feb-03
Country: UK

Lobby group Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) said that unless other countries followed similar policies to those outlined by the UK government in a white paper earlier this week, the impact on British industry could be devastating.

"We must not neglect the potential impact on industrial competitiveness," said Jeremy Nicholson, director of the EIUG, which lobbies on behalf of industries including steel, chemicals and paper.

"The big dilemma for energy policy remains how to achieve a low carbon economy without damaging competitiveness," he said.

The government, which aims to cut carbon emissions by 60 percent over the next 50 years, said its policies might add 10-25 percent to industrial power prices and 15-30 percent to industrial gas prices over the next 17 years.

But it said the price increases would not push up energy costs to consumers because increased efficiency should lead to them using less energy.

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