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German study sees 5-fold global rise in wind power

Date: 02-Apr-02
Country: GERMANY

"The growing world market offers wind energy companies very good and, most importantly, long-term development opportunities," the study said.

It recommended that wind technology firms in Germany, the world's leading wind energy country, participate in planned expansions in Spain, Italy, France, Poland and Turkey.

Further down the line, Brazil and China were also identified as future growth markets because of their vast wind and land resources coupled with rapidly increasing energy demand.

The study said that up to the year 2002, Germany's yearly rate of building new wind capacity was the same as the rest of Europe put together.

Last year, Germany added 2,659 MW of new turbines to arrive at a total 8,750 MW, equivalent to 3.5 percent of its total power consumption.

As part of efforts to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, Germany encourages investement in the new energy sector by guaranteeing producers higher revenue from their power input into the general grid than that earned from conventional power.

But the study said the construction of new German capacity would slow in the coming years as onshore sites were limited and offshore wind parks needed yet to be built, giving other European countries a chance to catch up with Germany.

After 2007, European growth rates would be overtaken by those elsewhere in the world, it said.

If Germany successfully develops offshore windparks, then by 2030 wind could provide 47,000 MW of capacity, equivalent to 28 percent of the country's annual power requirements, the report said.

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