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Three Reuse Ideas To Inspire

Date: 17-Aug-12

I Heart Recycling © Jess McCallum

In the great waste hierarchy, the aim is to reuse before you recycle. The good news is that the number of ideas for reusing common household items is limitless. Plus they can be fun to make!

Check out these three brilliant outside-the-box ideas that have gone a little bit viral on Facebook:

  1. Scoop made from an old plastic bottle (like a milk bottle)
    Saves on the plastic and energy that goes into making a regular scoop. The original post was ‘shared' over 69,000 times on Facebook.

  2. Electrical cord labels made from plastic bread bag ties
    Not only saves on plastic going to landfill but also encourages people to easily pull out plugs when not in use, thus saving energy of those appliances with clocks or stand-by lights. The original post was ‘liked' over 6,000 times on Facebook.

  3. Cable and cord organiser made from toilet rolls
    This is a clever way to organise without having to buy more plastic. The original post was ‘shared' over 2,000 times on Facebook.

If you think you've come up with the next inspiring reuse idea, why not post on I Heart Recycling's Facebook site.

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